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Quest Tools

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This Addon REQUIRES Wykkyd’s Framework in order to function

Wykkyd’s Quest Tools provides basic command line features to help with managing your quests.

  • /qt always share – this will automatically share any quest you accept. Must-have feature for group questers.
  • /qta – abandons the last quest you accepted
  • /qts – shares the last quest you accepeted
  • /qt list – shows a list of all quests separated by zone, including the quest’s current Journal ID
  • /qt list 30 – would search for all quests that are level 30.
  • Many, many more commands are available. /qt help – for details

NOTE: Quest tracking commands currently do not function due to errors in the game’s API. This should be fixed in a future version. For now simply don’t use this addon’s tracking commands.